I think I fixed the fonts. Just a very minor update. I spent my time studying about other Programming Languages soo.
I’m sill not sure how bugged it is. It’s best to have people to not have this font installed.



There, I think I got Pinkie to work as expected (You gotta thank coding things wrongly)

Okay, the Ponies (the Pinkie Pie for this one) is not made by me but StarStep

So far, I don’t think he/she have a blog, just an account but I’ll like it when it’s available hopefully


Simple. Just use the Arrow Keys as the direction you wanna move and Hold the Up key. Pinkie will be bouncing away. 😀

Also, sorry for the small preview screen. It’s HTML’s fault and that it is possible to play it big on my screen. 😉

Random Poll is random.

Another random Pony project I’m working on:

Ponify My iPhone

Adventure Ponies Update

Well, I could finish this in a week while I get the scoring and the actions to work as expected but nevertheless, I managed to finish all the assets or the GUI or the graphics. I’d just wanna thank StarStep (If you have some website please tell me 🙂 so that I can add it in the game credits).

Here’s another spoilage.

Inb4 reactions.

Ps, StarStep, don’t worry about this image. It’s taken yesterday before I found about the Sprites you gave me 😉